Stainless Steel Cable Anti-Theft USB Smart Fingerprint Bike Bicycle Lock Quick Unlock Energy Saving Waterproof Motorcycle Cycle MTB Door Lock

Product Introduce

Your finger is your key.Easy to unlock, open in one second.Made of high-quality materials, the inside is a steel rope, no longer have to worry about the lock rope being broken. In addition, the use of super CPU material, good recognition,low error rate.

Multi-capacity, support up to 15 sets of fingerprints

1 second unlock,low error rate

Abandon the traditional low recognition rate material, using super CPU material, high recognition rate and low error rate.

Low power consumption

Extra long working hours,the switch can be operated up to 2000 times after being fully charged.

USB charing Function

There is no need to change the battery frequently and it will not pollute the environment. A new generation of USB charging smart lock, energy saving and environmental protection. Large capacity and long-lasting battery life, convenient and efficient.In addition,you can use the mobile charging treasure to recharge your smart fingerprint lock anytime, anywhere.

Waterproof and dustproof

Waterproof level to IP65, effectively prevent rain and dust.

Applicable scene

Suitable for your bicycles, mountain bikes, motorcycles, tricycles, etc. It can also be used for yard doors, warehouse doors, etc.

Product Introduce

The default account status of this product is none and any fingerprint can be used to unlock.Your finger will become the key after configuring the settings of the lock as per the instructions given in the user manual. The first user's fingerprint is the administrator's fingerprint,and any new subsequent fingerprint need to be confirmed by administrator.

Q & A

1.Touch the fingerprint sensor, The indicator light is not on.

A.No power. ----Please charge the fingerprint padlock.

B.Stand by. ----Please touch the fingerprint reader.

2.Can not unlock.

A.Your finger is too try. ----Please rub or breathe on your fingers.

B.Your fingers are too wet. ----Please wipe the sweat or water off your fingers.

C.Dirty fingerprints. ----Please keep your fingers clean.

D.The fingerprint sensor is not clean. ---- Please wipe off the fingerprint reader.

3.Can not be rechargeable.

Is there any foreign matter at the charging port. ----Please keep the charging port clean and tidy.

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